Announcing our newest offering....

Physiology First for Parents: Level One

What Every Parent Should Know About Brain and Body Health

Our goal at Physiology First is to unlock human potential. Through our new, interactive learning journey designed for parents we prepare you to guide your child on a path to optimal health by harnessing the latest science of the brain and body.  

Join us for the learning journey beginning on November 4th!

We will meet virtually once per week for a live learning experience which will be recorded for anyone who can’t attend.


  • Session One: Sleep and Brain Health. You’ll learn why sleep is the foundation of mental and physical health. You’ll gain simple, effective, powerful strategies to improve sleep for the entire family. Expect fun, interactive challenges to improve sleep in tangible, measurable ways!
  • Session Two: Exercise and Brain Health. Exercise is a power tool for changing how the brain and body functions. It is also a key to improving memory, attention, motivation, and stress and anxiety management. We’ll cover exercise strategies for all fitness levels that you and your children can explore together. You’ll learn how to design workouts that don’t feel like “work”-while learning about your brain and body through the process. 
  • Session 3: Nutrition and Brain Health. No gimmicks, no diets, just nutrition principles for improved mental and physical health. We’ll cover how the brain uses fuel and show you how small changes can make a substantial impact on mood, energy levels, recovery, and brain performance. 
  • Session 4: Technology and Brain Health. The smartphone era is changing how our brain and body develops. We’ll show you how to take control of you and your families health evolution by understanding the science of technology and brain health.
  • Session 5: Putting it all Together! We’ll turn the material that you’ve learned into a simple action plan and connect everyone to our Discord group for ongoing resources and support. 

The registration fee is $99 for our 5 week interactive learning experience plus ongoing support, coaching, and physiology-based education. Click the link below to secure your spot in the learning journey!

What Students are Saying About the Physiology First Approach:

"Learning about my breathing has lowered my overall anxiety and feelings of stress. Everything in my body feels like it's working so much smoother since learning the principles from Physiology First."
Ben, 17
" It's made me feel so much stronger, and so much more confident. Through techniques that I've learned at Physiology First I've gained skills to perform better in school, sport, and life."
Daisy, 16

"It's given me a major boost in mental and physical health to learn how my body works."
Ameila, 14
"I dropped 3 minutes off my 5k time since learned about my breathing. This skillset goes beyond sport and into my life."
Noah, 15
"It's helped me to have a lot more awareness of how my body works so that I can better navigate how I feel on a daily basis."
Hazel, 14

The Future of Fitness is Learning About Ourseleves

Our mission is to help you explore the power of your body while providing an educational fitness experience that empowers your entire family! Have fun learning about your physiology in a supportive and uplifting community while gaining the skills and tools to pass this 21st century toolbox to your children. Join the Physiology First for Parents Level One program today!