Unlock the science of health, fitness, and human potential

The future of learning is learning about ourselves. At Physiology First University we help you build the skills to thrive in the 21st century.

Group classes, private coaching, Vo2 max testing, sauna, cold plunge, and more. All programs are free for teens!

Visit us at 291 Route One, Freeport, Maine for complimentary tour and goal assessment consultation!

We offer in-home Vo2 max testing and metabolic asssesments in cities across the globe via our Mobile Performance Lab.

Physiology First University is a nonprofit health and fitness education center with a global mission: To share the science of health and human potential with the next generaton.


Local students attend day programs and after school programs at our campus in Freeport, Maine. Youth from around the world learn from our Physiology First Team through our online coaching program. 

“Learning about my breathing has really helped lower my anxiety and feelings of stress, as well as improved my athletic capabilities. It’s been super beneficial.”

Ben Meza

“Every time I use the ice bath I learn something new about myself. I gain mental clarity and a sense of presence that I can take into the rest of my life.”

Delilah Hastings

“Since learning more about my body and breath at Physiology First University I feel so much calmer, and so much more confident.”

Daisy Brewer

“Physiology First University taught me about the power of my body and breath. I’ve used these skills in school, sport, and every area of my life.”

Leighton Doyle

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Make a tax-deductible donation to Physiology First to support a revolution in education that teaches teens and families the mental and physical fitness skills to thrive in the 21st century. Your donation supports our free health and fitness programs for youth.

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