Inaugural Physiology First 50k September 22

Join us for our fundraising event for our nonprofit organization focused on youth anxiety.

 We are offering a 5k (with a twist), a 10k, and “fat-ass” style 50k in which participants can run the full 50k distance or as many of the 10k out and backs as they want! 

The course starts in the parking lot of our local gym which will serve as an aid station/nonstop party during the run/post run bbq headquarters. You will run approximately 800 meters on road and the remainder of the course takes place on gorgeous and technical singletrack trails. I emphasize technical! These aren’t the White Mountains, but they aren’t groomed trails either. They are rooty, rocky and super fun to run!

“Nose Only” 5k: This unique event may be a one of a  kind in the sport! Runners must run with mouths closed (honor system in place) and breathe only through their nose for the duration of the run. This is a true test of aerobic efficiency and capacity and may find some fast, front runners eating humble pie before eating delicious bbq later in the day! Begins at 8am on September 22nd.

10k: One “out-and-back” followed by lots of time to hang out, cheer on the 50k runners and attend any number of our free mini clinics throughout the day on injury prevention, strength training for runners, breathing for endurance sports and more! Begins at 8am on September 22nd.

50k: Run the full distance or as many 10k loops as you like! The weather in Maine is GORGEOUS this time of year and the trails are so awesome that you may find it hard to stop! Begins at 9am on September 22nd.

Looking forward to seeing you for an awesome run in September!


Friends, your donations allow us to present the latest science on anxiety mitigation to students in Maine and beyond.

We truly appreciate your contributions to Physiology First. All donations go directly to anxiety mitigation seminars for students, parents and faculty. Please visit the the Paypal link below to contribute and thank you again for your support!


 - The Physiology First Team

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What we do



We love sharing our free "Breathe to Perform" seminar with schools and universities throughout New England. We are currently setting up our 2019 seminar schedule! 

Group Training


We offer individual and small group training for students and teams at our training facility in Freeport, Maine. Contact us to schedule a group training session! 

Get the Free Breathe to Perform app!


We are partnering with pioneering neuroscientist Dr. Jose Herrero on the Breathe to Perform app. Guided breathing exercises set to music to help to reduce anxiety and peak mental focus. Now available for free on Apple Ios!

David Bidler on Physiology First

Physiology First Director David Bidler on the origins of the organization as well as the goals of the students, teachers, and community members involved. 

Clip from our Breathe to Perform Seminar at NYA

A short clip from a recent Breathe to Perform seminar at North Yarmouth Academy. 

breathing and mental performance

A recent video for the Power, Speed, Endurance Coaches Network

Breathing and Generalized Anxiety

A video on breathing and generalized anxiety for the Power, Speed, Endurance Coaches Network

David Bidler on Youth Anxiety

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Breathing and Sleep

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Physiology First Partner Ian Ramsey On sleep tips for teens

North Yarmouth Academy teacher and Physiology First partner Ian Ramsey's new series Brain Tips for Teens. This episode: Sleep

Research + Resources


Breath and The Brain:

This study details the work of one of our partners, Dr. Jose Herrero. Dr. Herrero is studying the effects of various breathing patterns on cognition, memory retention, and anxiety.


Breath, stress and High Performance SCENARIOS

In January of 2018 our coaching team traveled to Stanford University to take part in the following experiments around fear, anxiety, and mental performance using virtual reality technologies. We share some of this experience, as well as the key lessons learned, in the Breathe to Perform seminar series.


Breathing and sports performance

This video by Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage, demonstrates how breathing exercises can improve Vo2 max.

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Latest research on Breath and mental performance

Read the latest New York Times article on the cognitive benefits of nasal breathing. 


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Power, Speed, Endurance-One of the best breathing resources on the internet.