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Our Performance Lab was designed to help you explore the latest science of health, fitness, and human potential! Learn about the power of your body through experience. We offer group training, private coaching, sauna and cold plunge, and Vo2 max testing at our Freeport, Maine facility. 

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    What Members Love About Our Performance Lab

    "Physiology First's Performance Lab is a unique studio and wellness center like no other "gym" I've ever been to. The group workouts are barefoot, targeted interval and weight training that has gotten me stronger and healthier than I thought I could be at this age. I love the emphasis on nasal breathing and encouragement to sauna/cold plunge after each workout. Some of the equipment is new to me and it's been truly fun to learn new ways of pushing my own limits. It is worth the long drive I make to go each week and I feel lucky to have found it by word of mouth!"
    Dawn Charnetzky
    " I first came to The Physiology First Performance Lab because I needed something new to get me out of an exercise plateau. I knew I was in the right place when the ‘regulars’ in my first class were absolutely shredded and there was a section of the workout just for pull-ups. That may sound intimidating, but David does a great job of breaking down the fundamentals of each movement and the support and camaraderie from other members is unbeatable. You’ll have the opportunity to quantifiably track your progress so the only person you need to compete with is yourself. I still can’t do a pull-up on my own yet, but every day I go to The Distance Project/Physiology First Performance Lab, I know I’m getting stronger and a little bit closer to achieving that goal."
    Kelly Finnegan
    "Over the course of my time training at Physiology First, I have grown in overt ways: I am stronger each year, less injury prone, and have trained for and completed endurance distance runs--up to 100 miles--that I had not considered possible previously.

    However, what is likely the most profound impact of my time at Physiology First--and the root of the changes noted above--is a significantly greater awareness of my body positioning and breath.

    Developing an understanding of the relationship between the two has enabled me to address weaknesses and eliminate lower back pain.

    Furthermore, a more comprehensive understanding of the link between my breath and physiology has given me a tool that helps me in athletics and in my daily life."
    Emily Grimm
    "I joined Physiology First roughly two years ago with the intention of building my strength and endurance. I've stayed for the supportive community as much as the training and learning experience. I really love the improvement that barefoot training and learning more about my breathing has brought to my running and fitness game."
    Kailey Edwards
    "I've been a member of Physiology First for a little over 4 years. In this time I've found it to be utterly transformative. I've gotten stronger, more resilient, and more flexible. I've gotten great results in my ultra-running and other endurance training, and best of all I've been able to join an amazing community of people who inspire each other to be stronger, better, and more compassionate human beings."
    Ian Ramsey

    The Future of Fitness is Learning to Unlock Our Potential

    There are a lot of fitness programs that work. There are many paths to the summit of health and human potential. Our mission is to help you explore the power of your body while providing an educational fitness training experience that empowers! Have fun learning about your physiology in a supportive and uplifting community. Strength training, sauna and cold plunges, breathing classes, and metabolic testing are all opportunities to explore your potential to feel amazing in your mind and body. Join the Performance Lab crew and learn about the power of your mind and body through experience!