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“Neuroscience should fundamentally alter everything we think about education.” -norman doidge, phd, author, the brain that changes itself

The future of education

Leverage the Latest Neuroscience of Learning and 21st Century Mental Health Education in the Classroom

The latest science of how the brain learns, processes, and retains information is opening the doors to exponential impact in education. The science of stress and anxiety management updates our understanding of mental health for the 21st century, while giving students and staff the skills to access calm and focus on demand.

Through our professional development offerings we share a practical guide to bringing state of the art tools for stress management, peak focus, and improved memory into the classroom.

Our curriculum includes the following material:

  • The Latest Science of Learning: How the Brain Processes and Retains Information Based on Neuroscience

  • The Role of Sleep in Memory Retention: Practical, actionable strategies to improve sleep and accelerate learning.

  • The Relationship Between Breathing and Anxiety: Learn How Simple Breathing Exercises Can Alleviate Anxiety-and How Poor Breathing Can Cause Feelings of Anxiety and Stress.

  • What is Co-Regulation? How is Stress and Anxiety Transferred Between Students and Faculty-and How to Break the Cycle.

  • The Benefits of Non-Sleep Deep Rest. Eliminate Exhaustion and Amplify Impact.

“I can confidently say that Physiology First has best prepared the next generation of teachers using a data driven, scientific, 21st century physiological lens.”

Most importantly The Art and Science of Learning provides teachers the tools of autonomy and self regulation to best aid them in their practice while also handing down these tools which empower students to self govern their state of being. -Christopher Della Fave, Director of Innovative Programs, Hoboken, New Jersey, Public Schools.

Our Art and Science of Learning professional development program for education leaders is administered remotely through a blend of online course material and live workshops set up in accordance with your team’s schedule. We offer one professional development day seminars as well.


the future of learning is learning about ourselves

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