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Live Learning

We offer live learning labs by experts in health, fitness, and sport performance as well as live lectures and breathing classes. Our goal is to leverage the power of the internet for health, community, and human connection.

New Courses

Our online course catalog is constantly expanding. Current offerings include breathing for stress management and improved health and fitness. sleep science, and longevity focused strength and conditioning. We have courses on sauna use, cold plunges, and wearable technology to boost mental and physical fitness coming soon!

Weekly Social Lounge

Every Friday at 4pm EST Physiology First University members meet on zoom for an optional weekly call. We discuss strategies to get 21st century health and fitness education into more communities while also supporting one another’s personal health and fitness goals.

Live breathing sessions

Join us live on Tuesday evening at 9pm MST and Thursday morning at 7:30am EST for a relaxing guided breathing session to improve heart health, reduce stress, and increase mental focus!

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Join Physiology First University and learn about your mind, body, and brain while supporting a revolution in health education for the next generation. 

What is a live learning lab?

We’ve got some very cool online courses on the Physiology First University platform, but our favorite way to teach is through live learning. Members can join any of our Live Learning Labs and ask questions as our expert coaches and educators break down the latest science of the brain, body, and mind.

Breathing and Heart rate variability

These 20 minute breathing sessions on Tuesday evening and Thursday morning are a relaxing way to get to know others in the PFU community while improving your mental and physical health through the power of focused breathing. 

Physiology first in action

Learn the latest science of how the brain and body perform through practical exercises and interactive examples. Here you’ll find sample workouts, training tips, education on breathing and movement, and so much more.

Performance mindset

These short talks by Physiology First Board member, endurance athlete, author, and educator Ian Ramsey invite you to reflect on your power to shape the world through your thinking. Past topics included: Creativity, Exponential Thinking, Antifragility, and the Power of First Principles Thinking. 

About the Founders

David and Lex started Physiology First in 2019 to take a stand in the face of rising youth anxiety rates.  As co-hosts of the live talk show, The Weekly Brain Freeze, they share the science of the mind, body, and brain on the airwaves on a weekly basis. David and Lex co-own a performance training center, The Distance Project, in Freeport, Maine where they train athletes from 5 years old to 85 years old. Both David and Lex are avid athletes and passionate learners about all things health, fitness, and physiology. In 2018 they founded a consulting business, Breathe to Perform, specializing on bringing breath education to companies, organizations, schools, and teams. David is the author of the book Breathe to Perform: Simple Exercises to Reduce Stress, Improve Energy, and Peak Athletic Performance. Lex is a PhD student getting her doctorate in Physical Therapy and planning a second doctorate degree in neuroscience. Through partnerships in science, medicine, and education David and Lex are on a shared mission to change the way that we learn about our bodies by putting physiology based learning at the foundation of education.


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