physiology first university presents our..

21st century skills camp

21st century fitness training

Students will learn about their body, brain, and breath through practical application while getting a great workout! Each workout is designed to educate, equip, inspire, and empower!

Social entreprenuership

We will teach 21st century entrepreneurial principles with a focus on making a societal impact. Students will learn strategies for thriving in the creator economy while making an impact on the world.

social media street smarts

Building a healthy relationship to technology that empowers is a major focus of our work at Physiology First. We will show students how to use technology and not be used by it. Students will leave with practical social media insights that help them leverage the latest technology to meet their goals..

team building challenges

Students will have the opportunity to practice asynchronous collaboration through a number of fun, engaging challenges related to the concepts we are exploring throughout the camp.

training to thrive in a world of exponential change

The 21st century is filled with opportunities, challenges, and the inevitability of exponential change. Our 6 week camp for students, which begins July 6th, 2022, teaches life skills in an innovative, engaging, and action packed environment. Students can participate digitally or in-person in select cities. 

Week One: Breathing is a powertool

Breathing is a power tool. Learn how breathing influences the mind, body, and brain. Students will learn simple exercises that are unique to their body and applicable to school, sport, and life.

Week two: Exercise and the brain

Exercise strengthens more than our muscles-it improves memory, focus, sleep quality, mood, and confidence. Students will learn how to build empowering fitness programs that last a lifetime. 

week three: 21st century mindset

This module goes well beyond “mental toughness” and into the flexible, adaptable, and universal qualities that tomorrow’s leaders need to thrive.

Week four: beyond sleep. learning to amplify energy.

Students will not only learn to improve sleep for mental and physical fitness-they will learn to improve energy through a number of science based practices including non-sleep deep rest and other powerful methods to recharge the body and brain.

week five: Social Media street smarts

Students will learn how to use technology and not be used by it. This module will cover mentally healthy social media strategies, understanding new technologies such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, and how to leverage the digital world to make a difference.

week six: question everything

Students will learn how language impacts the brain and body while gaining 21st century communication skills.

The camp will end with a presentation by Physiology First Ambassador Chris Novoa on the value of critical thinking in a presentation entitled Question Everything. Chris will challenge students to think critically about the material they covered in the camp and as our understanding of our brains, bodies, minds is rapidly and exponentially evolving. Our aim is to inspire students to learn for life.

How can i join?

Students can participate digitally and asynchronously or in-person in Maine, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Reserve your spot and prepare for a summer of learning, training, and 21st century skill building! 

Join digitally

Students can participate from anywhere in the world through our digital camp option. A blend of online curriculum and interactive online learning will provide students with critical 21st century life skills while connecting them to one another. 

Train in person

We will offer in-person camps in Maine, Pennsylvania, and Chicago. Contact us to learn more about the schedule and registration details for each location!


Learn about our hybrid model

We will have hybrid learning opportunities in Colorado and Texas. 3 live workshops will be offered in these locations to accompany our digital curriculum. Contact us to learn more. 

What age is this camp ideal for?

14-24 is the age range we’ve  found to be an ideal fit for our curriculum. The student entering high school will receive this material from a different vantage point than our college students-but the principles of physiology and the applicable life skills are transferable across the lifespan. 

What technology is needed to participate digitally?

A smartphone will enable all apps and online courses that accompany the 21st century skills camp. If students are interested in pursuing some of the entrepreneurial elements of the camp on a deeper level we will recommend optional equipment for their own personal use. 

is there a deadline to register?

The deadline for registration is July 3rd.

What are students saying about the physiology first university experience?

“Physiology First is sharing skills that all students should have access to. Mental and physical fitness education delivered in an empowering way is the foundation for a lifetime of health. The entrepreneurial education is an often overlooked, but empowering element of recognizing our power as students to influence the future in a positive way.” – Ethan Smith, 15 

How will students interact digitally?

We will use Discord to connect students virtually as well as for live presentations. 

What does the exercise portion of the camp look like?

Our classes are open and accessible to students of all fitness levels. They are fun, engaging, and interactive introductions to movement principles that apply to sport and life.  

What exercise equipment is needed to participate digitally?

None-although having access to a set of free weights is an advantage. We will have body weight modifications available for all exercises.


the future of learning is learning about ourselves

join the revolution

Students will particpate in 3 classes per week. Schedules will vary based on location. Each class offers a blend of physical and mental fitness and 21st century skill building.


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